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What style of yoga is taught in Body Therapies Yoga Training yoga teacher training program?

A gentle and dynamic style influenced by Vanda Scaravelli. Students are introduced to the ways yoga techniques can be adjusted to suit the individual.

What is unique about this program?

The program promotes compassion, appreciation, and gratitude. Students strengthen the relationship with their own inner guiding voice, as well as with nature. Our team of instructors are experienced in their field (Yoga instruction, Ayurveda, Anatomy and Physiology) and are passionate about sharing their knowledge and skills.

I have just discovered yoga and got so many benefits that I want to share it with others. Am I qualified to take the training and become a yoga instructor?

If you have practiced poses or meditation for at least two months, you are welcome to join the program.

How much time is required for home study?

A minimum of 70 hours includes reading and written assignments, audio/video or internet resources that are integrated into the curriculum via reports, class discussions, presentations or tests; attending yoga classes with written or oral reports; webinars on yoga-related topics; internship.

I may have to be away for one lesson. What if I miss a class?

The program allows 10% of the sessions to be missed without affecting the completion of the program.

Are all materials included in the price of the course? When can I start the course readings?

Students must purchase these books: ● The Heart of Yoga by T.K.V. Desikachar ● Ayurveda- Science of Self Healing by Dr. Vasant Lad $12 each approximately. You are encouraged to begin course readings as soon as you have registered.

Could I come to see the studio or take part in a class and speak with you about the course?

Definitely, you may speak with me about the course.

I'm recovering from an injury, would the teacher training allow for adjustments for injuries?

Adjustments and options are always available for each student.

If I live out of town, how will the mentoring offered during the internship take place?

Mentoring takes place online so you will still receive this service out-of-town.

Tell me more about the Internship?

Here’s your chance to put into practice what you have been learning. Design and deliver your series, with online mentoring. Share what you have gained so far in four classes in your community for hands-on experience. The internship occurs after the last half of the program.

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