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Consistency Is Key

Regular attention is essential to developing yoga techniques and understanding the philosophy. Together we select from a variety of programs and challenges.

Center Yourself

In addition to video clips, you can access audio meditation playlists to quiet your mind and focus.

Create Your Reality

Take breaks from the stressors of everyday life. Escape to somewhere far, far away (like Barbados, Ghana or East Africa) with one of our intimate retreats.


Wellness Services

Even if you've never practiced before or have lots of experience, our instructors are here to help you.

Yoga Teachers Training in Ontario

Reinvent Yourself

Within 60 days you could reinvent yourself in this yoga teacher training program. Do you recognize yoga as a life skill and would like to teach yoga for wellness? Or perhaps you are searching for the answer to, “Who am I?” If you are, this program might be for you. Do not let obstacles keep you from stepping ahead.


Integrative Yoga Therapy toolbox

Somatics by Thomas Hanna

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We have been certifying yoga teachers since 2005

FYI yoga is more than poses. It includes:

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About my Book

This is a book I published recently and will be integral to the yoga teacher training program.

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